Age Verification

Our products can only be purchased and shipped to people over the age of 18, according to current UK legislation. We are required to verify the age of any new customers
If we find that a person is underage we'll blacklist your details and bank account from the vaping industry.  This is to prevent any harm. However once you turn 18 thus ban will be lifted. A blacklist means that industry wide your bank will not accept payments from vaping merchants and your card will decline.

This guide explains why this is necessary and how we go about verifying your age. More information can also be found on our terms of service and privacy policy pages.

Why do you need to verify my age?

We appreciate this may be frustrating, and you may be unhappy sharing your personal information. However, the law exists to protect those below a minimum legal age. The following bodies are responsible for enforcing these rules in the UK:

Department of Health & Social Care

On 1 October 2015 it became illegal for adults to buy (or try to buy) tobacco products or e-cigarettes for someone under 18.

Trading Standards

It is the responsibility of all retailers to ensure they do not sell age-restricted products online to people who are under the minimum legal age.

How do we verify your age?

For age verification purposes we use 1account, which is an industry-recognised third-party system. The system runs independent checks from the most reliable data sources to verify you are 18 or over. These checks may include your credit record, mobile phone number, the UK electoral roll, and/or the UK birth register.

The system carries out as few checks as possible. In the vast majority of cases, your age can be verified instantly, and your Vape UK order will be shipped as normal.

What do I need to do?

After your order has been placed, you will see a pop-up window at the order confirmation page, which looks like the screenshot below.

Please follow the instructions seen here.


What information do you need?

We verify your age using your full name, current address and the date of birth you provide when placing your first order with us. The billing address you provide when purchasing from us will be used as your current home address. It’s important to ensure that the billing address on your account reflects your current home address.

What if you can’t verify my age?

If we are unable to verify that you are over 18 using the information you provide at the point of placing your first order, you will be asked to provide more information. This will either be your driver's licence number or your passport number.

If you still cannot be verified, we will need you to send us a photo of an official piece of ID which will be checked by a member of our team.

We do not store copies of ID sent to us.

If we cannot verify your age we will be unable to send your items until you have verified with 1Account. If this is not achieved, we will cancel your order and refund it in full.

We cannot be held responsible for any delays this may cause to your order being sent. More information is available on our Age Verification page.

Will the age verification process affect my credit score?

If you are signed up to a credit reporting service, like Experian or Equifax, you may be notified that a check has been made against your credit record. Please be assured that this is a "soft check" and has no effect whatsoever on your credit score.

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