International Shipping Rates

International Shipping Rates are one of the most costly things when purchasing overseas from the UK. That's why here at Professor Vapes we've come up with a solution to help you out. We've calculated the best shipping rates to ensure you get the best value for money. Our International Shipping Rates are now based off your order subtotal where as before they was based on your order weight. See below the our new rates:

 Subtotal Amount  Shipping Rate
£0 - £50 £13.00
£50 - £70 £10.00
£70 - £120 £7.99
£120 + £6.99

If we are shipping items Internationally (Outside of the UK) we will automatically issue a customs form with your order. This will outline our details and the enclosed products. 

We cannot ship any goods that are over 2kg. If your order is 2kg then you will have to place 2 separate orders with us. You will not get shipping rates for orders over 2kg so you will need to remove some products from your cart. If tax or duty is needed to be paid you must pay for this and there is no exceptions. This could be per box or per whole order depending on customs.

Once the goods have left our premises then any extra charges due to customs MUST be covered by you the consumer of the goods. This is our policy and there is no exceptions. We also take no liability for any items damaged or removed by Customs. If you know that Vaping products are banned in your country then we cannot accept any liability for this. If customs remove your package we will NOT issue a refund or accept any liability. You must get in touch with your local authorities if this occurs. We also do NOT take responsibility for any loss of goods via their journey from us to you. We will always ship using Royal Mail for International shipments. 

The UK law states that we are not able to ship over 1Litre of liquid at any one time. So please bear this in mind when placing your order. And stated again we will accept no responsibly for any actions taken via Customs.

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